Positions Available

Manager Training and Development

EC Consulting’s manager training and development program is well known for its suiteffectiveness. Those who complete the full opportunity, acquire a well-rounded understanding of the direct marketing field, as well as our firm and its operations. They learn a wide variety of communication techniques, engage in effective cross-training, and master the key aspects of our business model. As their expertise grows, they receive greater responsibilities within the firm in regards to our team and our clientele. The primary objective of this program is to prepare them to fill leadership and management roles within a 12-16 month period. Upon its completion, they are trainers, leaders, and service experts who value their people and oversee exciting brand events.

Core Duties:

  • Lead and manage office teams, while contributing to the development of marketing strategies
  • Working with clientele and senior managers on market and lead generation
  • Identify and update improvements in marketing and training efforts
  • Liaison with business development managers over campaign progress and future opportunities for the client
  • Provide back-end office support such as assisting with interviews and coordinating training efforts

Customer Care

EC Consulting’s customer service experts represent brands to their ideal audiences. In office-deskessence, our people are extensions of the businesses they serve. This is especially true when it comes to superior customer care.

Primary Duties:

  • Handle all customer needs while demonstrating thorough brand knowledge and referring potential customers and clientele to account executives
  • Handle all customer needs while maintaining a professional and positive attitude
  • Utilize the knowledge of the brands and clients to work with all customers
  • Adhere to standards of excellence, measured through consumer reviews and satisfaction
  • Document all customer and clientele interactions and consistently report them on a daily basis
  • Represent Brands to their audiences

Brand Account Executive 

Team members in junior account management focus on business development. They are conference-roomfuture-focused, effectively anticipating upcoming trends to position brands for continuous sustained growth and success.

Core Duties:

  • Work with managers on the creation of experiential campaigns, through which marketing efforts integrate with pre-determined brand and industry goals
  • Act as liaison between business and customers, personalizing services and facilitating the building of lasting relationships
  • Collaborate with colleagues to ensure seamless service provision, and provide leadership as needed
  • Develop strong working relationships with clients, team members and those in management with the goal of fostering a great work environment
  • Participate in on-site workshops to develop new and better marketing, sales and public relations skills
  • Create repeat customers by providing excellent customer service tailored to fit their needs
  • Be a brand ambassador of the firm and its complete list of clients


Interns at EC Consulting enjoy a range of benefits in the firm, which include hands-on interns-walkinglearning in every phase of the marketing process and a vibrant work culture. They are included in strategic-planning meetings with brand leaders, and are present throughout the duration of our client initiatives. This approach leads to mastery of essential public relations and marketing techniques that can be used in multiple roles. Interns who demonstrate commitment and drive have the opportunity to be offered full-time positions.

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