EC Consulting Sends Business Trip to Detroit

After returning for a New York Conference, several corporate trainers at EC Consulting left early Monday morning for a business trip to Detroit Michigan.  With several marketing firms in the area, this trip poses an excellent opportunity to learn about an industrial market, as well as learn how to interview and train employees from that market.

Each of the trainers were recently promoted to corporate trainer, and are currently looking to improve their management skills.  In this position, our teams begin to train new leaders on back end office support, such as human resources, payroll, and interviewing.  As these new leaders grow into the position, they will capitalize on these new skills by forming their own office team.  They will be responsible for the training and workday of each of the employees on their team.

This business trip is a chance for them to continue learning these back-end office skills, by seeing how other marketing firms run their day to day operations in a different market.  We know when they return this coming Saturday, they will be full of knowledge and be more prepared to begin interviewing on Monday.  They will also have the experience needed to begin training our new intern class.  As our interns continue to arrive in our office, they will need additional guidance on how to start and get through their workday.  We are excited to see not only what our interns will learn and accomplish this summer, but also what our new trainers will return with this weekend!

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