EC Consulting on Big Rocks and Little Rocks

At EC Consulting, our team members carry many roles in their everyday lives.  They are fathers & mothers, sisters & brothers, sons & daughter, girlfriends and boyfriends.  They are also leaders, entrepreneurs, friends, teachers, team members, and marketers.  It can often be difficult to manage all of these roles in so little time.  Therefore, at the beginning of each week EC Consulting makes it big rocks and little rocks.

First, each team members determines what roles they play in their personal and professional lives.  There is no limit to how many roles you can play.  However, once each is established a minimum of one and a maximum of three roles are chosen.  These roles are put into our weekly schedules first, as they are the most important and the duties we cannot shirk.  They are our big rocks, the thing that we focus on.  Common big rocks in our office include father, teacher, ‘sharpening the saw’ or self-improvement.

Once these big rocks are written in our schedules, all of our other roles fall into place.  Each of these additional roles are our little rocks.  Little rocks are important but instead of being the focus of our attention, they surround our big rocks and to make them better.  Having both our big and little rocks, give our team members a notion of priority.  They know to focus on the roles that will help them reach short and long term goals without compromising on other roles.  We recommend forming your own big and little rocks, just as we do, and hope they bring some simplicity when it comes to determining the roles you play.

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