EC Discusses Big Picture Goals

At EC Consulting we understand that not everyone works a job for the same reason.  Every team member come from different backgrounds, has different interests, and ultimately has differing long term goals.  Therefore, while we all my be in similar positions or doing similar tasks, each of us has something we are working towards that will better ourselves and hopefully those around us.  This week we spoke with our team members about what skills they are looking to learn in their position and how they are achieving them.

One of the most common skills was the ability to train and manage a small team. In our office, our corporate trainers are able to develop a team from scratch and over time manage them so that they can be successful marketers.  A prime example of this goal, is corporate trainer Xindi.  This week we shine our spotlight on Xindi, a corporate trainer here at EC Consulting! Xindi, originally from China, recently graduated from Bowling Green State University with her Masters.  She is currently editing her second documentary, and beginning filming on her third. As a part of this effort, she works at EC Consulting so she can better her management and teaching skills, which she will eventually use in the classroom teaching film.

Another common skill talked about is real world research.  Another corporate trainer in our office, Trevor recently graduated Duke University where studied neuroscience, chemistry, and biology. Drawing on his lab experience and education, Trevor serves as our neuro-marketing consultant, and constantly shines light onto why humans behave the way they do, providing our clients with unique insights about their target markets! His experiences in our office are providing both a personal research opportunity, as well as the chance to apply what he learned in school to a new field.

Growing their interpersonal skills was a goal brought up especially by our international team members.  Corporate trainer Croft, is an accountant who graduated from Ohio State University this past spring.  Rather than going straight to the accounting field, he decided to spend time with EC Consulting, where he has a chance to develop his interpersonal skills while he talks with customers and clients throughout the day.  Corporate trainer Xindi, and intern Shashank also mentioned this longer-term goal.

As each of these examples showcase, our office is not only diverse in our backgrounds, but also in what we are here to accomplish.  While we experience both our good and our bad days, it is helpful to remind ourselves of the big picture.  We encourage you to do the same!