EC Consulting Provides Their Top Success Skills

At EC Consulting, we are often takes what does it take to be successful, not only in our office but in any personal and professional effort.  We asked every team member in our office to give their best advice on what makes them successful that others can implement.  The results showed three common skills.

The first piece of advice was to constantly network with anyone and everyone.  Each morning, our team members are provided with a potential networking tip to reach out to and what they are known for.  We encourage our team members to reach out to these people whether it be by calling them or by emailing.  In some cases, the networking tips are from a location where we are sending a business trip.  In this instance, it is possible for team members to sit face to face with these successful individuals.  Our office also has conference calls with these networking tips throughout the week to reinforce this idea of reaching out to learn.  Our team members stressed to us to truly use these networking tips as opportunities to learn, and not to just ignore the potential value that can be gained.

The next piece of advice offered by our office members is to travel whenever possible.  Traveling in our office not only provides the opportunity to see knew cities and famous landmarks, but also provides the opportunity to learn about new markets and new marketing techniques.  In this way, our skills do not become stagnant, but rather are constantly expanded with the knowledge of how to market to difference people and cultures.  Our team members, expressed a love of traveling and of knowing there is always something new to learn from someone else.

The final popular piece of advice offered by our team members is to set goals on a daily basis.  In our office we stress setting short – term, mid – term, and long – term goals on a daily basis.  In this way we know what needs to be accomplished today, but we are also constantly reminded of the bigger picture.  Bad days become better, because we know what we are working towards, and good days become great because it is easy to see how we are moving towards our end goal.  Several of our office members in particular mentioned that setting daily goals helps to increase their confidence in their personal and professional abilities when the meet their short term goals and especially when they accomplish a mid or long term goals.

Each of these pieces of advice ultimately came from following them.  For example, our office learned about setting goals from another successful entrepreneur in New York when visited our office to network.  We hope these pieces of advice help you reach your own goals for success!

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