EC Consulting on Interviewing

At EC Consulting we firmly believe that interviewing is a skill that can be learned and successfully executed by anyone.  As we look to expand our own team, our office came up with our list of advice for anyone looking to improve their interviewing skills.

  1. Dress to Impress. No matter what position or job you are applying for it is always good to come dressed in business professional. While it may mean putting in more time during your morning routine, the efforts are always worth it because it shows employers that you consider their time valuable enough to give more of your time when preparing.  It also shows employers, particularly that are business professional in the office, how you will present yourself on a daily basis if hired.
  2. Research the company and position before the interview. Like dressing to impress, the more effort you invest increasing your knowledge of the company, the better you showcase yourself to your potential employer. If you come in with a thorough knowledge of the company history and job requirements, you are more likely to be viewed by the company as reliable and detailed individual.
  3. Do not be afraid to ask questions to your interviewer. You should always have questions for the person(s) conducting your interview. Even if all your inquiries about the actual position were answered, there are still several questions that you can ask to show that you are really interested in the company and it’s culture.  Questions like “What is your favorite thing about working here?”, and “What is one thing you would change about your position or the company itself?”, show that you are interested in more than just the position itself, and instead are also looking for a good company environment.
  4. Always present a copy of your resume. In many cases, employers will already have your resume through a job application. However, they may not always have a printed copy available when you attend your interview.  By providing one, you are showing the interviewer that you are prepared and it makes for a good conversation starter.
  5. Personalize the end of the interview. Our final piece of advice is to always personalize the end of the interview. When you are walking out the door, always tell them to have a nice day.  If it is anywhere near a holiday, wish them to have a happy holiday.  If there is a big game going on that day in the city, ask what team they are cheering for.  By doing this, you are showing the interviewer that you are more than just a professional person, but that you also have hobbies and interests outside of work that make a well-rounded individual.

As all the “New Year, New Me” social media posts begin, make this year the best new you by showcasing your best self on your next interview.

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