EC Consulting on Networking

At EC Consulting we constantly strive to give our team members opportunity to network with successful people in our industry. However, for many people this can be a daunting task as it involves talking to people that perhaps you have never met before, and asking them how they have achieved their success.  As this opportunity can be the key to success, our firm has come up with our top two tips for getting the most out of networking with great individuals.

  1. Always be prepared with resumes, questions, and business cards.  One of the scariest moments in networking is when you are asked for something that you do not have, such as a resume, or a business card. When you are unprepared, it is easy to come off as unprofessional.   However, if you are prepared with questions for different individuals about their success, and materials that you can give them, your confidence will increase exponentially.
  2. Be genuinely interested about what other people have done.  When you are uninterested in what someone is saying, you unconsciously showcase that to them through body language and your responses.  This can negatively effect the information you gain from networking and the connections you make.  On the other hand, if you do show that you are interested, your connections will be more extensive and you will gain more insight into how someone has achieved their success.

With each networking opportunity our company offers, we remind each of our team members of these key pieces of advice.  We know that they lead to an overall better experience for all parties involved.  The next time you have the chance to network with someone and gain a better understanding of their experience, we recommend you take these ideas into account.

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