This is EC Consulting

emphandsBringing New Potential to Your Brand

Our experts at EC Consulting have served clientele in many industries. We help brands go down the paths of success without burdening them with the costs typically associated with an in house marketing staff, rather we employ a flexible outsourcing model that allows us to customize our services to meet any professional need. Working with everyone from big name brands to local businesses, and nonprofits both locally and internationally, our quality-driven attitudes keep our clients asking for more.


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Our mission is to – with great courage, integrity, and adventure – offer personal and professional growth, development, freedom, and control by creating a dynamic atmosphere where hard work, selflessness, open and honest communication, and personal accountability lead to bettering ourselves and those around us. We strive to give everyone the power to create and share ideas, information, and challenges without barriers so that we maintain and expand our client’s customer bases both nationally and internationally.

branding-strategiesWhat we Do 

In a demanding market that is ever changing, the need for brands to adapt to the competitive world is the difference between success and failure.  Our strategies help clients expand their market to more populations while establishing long term relationships. The people we connect with receive high integrity consultants with a simple approach that ensures the best individualized experience possible.